The Staffordshire Schools Multi Academy Trust is governed by a group of dedicated professionals who first and foremost care about children and young adults.

Our ethos is to share values and beliefs based on Christian principles in close association with the Anglican tradition and practice of the Church of England. We believe each person is special and we provide equal opportunities for every individual member of our school family to develop to his or her full potential within guidelines of acceptable behaviour and a set of values, which will fit each child for life and the society in which they live. We strive to serve our young people by setting the highest standards of teaching, learning and community life, enabling everyone to grow in God’s love, wisdom and strength.

Our aim is to create a happy and stimulating learning environment in which children are helped to develop their natural curiosity and academic ability, as well as to learn physical, intellectual, social and aesthetic skills. We aim to foster and nurture the children’s spiritual and moral growth and they are encouraged to adopt friendly, caring and considerate attitudes to one another and a respectful, polite manner to adults while at the same time developing a sense of self-reliance, self-respect and a sensitivity to other people around them and in the wider community.

We help them to understand and acquire a moral and social code of behaviour to Christian standards and values.


Our vision is threefold:

  • To deliver carefully crafted, deep learning for pupils in a family environment;
  • To ensure that local communities have a future and can thrive if quality education is at their heart;
  • To extend learning beyond the confines of the school, into the community and beyond.