The Staffordshire Schools Multi Academy Trust Mission, Vision and Values Statement


The Staffordshire Schools Multi Academy Trust is governed by a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate and care about the children and staff they serve, ensuring high quality governance and support.


Flying the banner of love, wisdom and excellence.



‘His banner over us is love.’ Song of Solomon 2:4. 



Our three core values are love, respect and friendship. 



To ensure that all children and staff are enabled to flourish as confident, happy and healthy citizens.  We encourage our children and staff to grow and achieve academically, socially, spiritually, culturally, physically and mentally in our aspirational and nurturing schools. 



Who are we? 

Educating for personal development


  • We are a Trust family of collaborative, innovative schools committed to excellence for our children, staff and the communities they serve.
  • Our Trust community is built on the basic principle of respect, valuing the preciousness and inherent worth of each person. 
  • We develop a united partnership where empowered leaders place our staff and children’s wellbeing and achievement at the centre of everything and are supported to be successful.
  • We employ and develop excellent professionals who have passion and drive, a desire to learn and grow and work in a context of effective support and challenge.
  • We nurture a culture of physical and mental health and wellbeing, listening to feedback to enable a state of openness and contentment.
  • We foster and nurture the children’s understanding of their own identity, and ensure we harness and develop an understanding of positive self-worth and esteem amongst our staff and children so that they know their strengths and have the knowledge, skills and confidence to take their next steps in their learning and careers.  
  • We offer an inclusive, compassionate and supportive ethos where we celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of every individual and ensure that all may flourish and have an abundant life.
  • We have the highest expectations of behaviour where children learn choices in a supportive and safe environment and staff and children cope wisely when things go wrong through conflict resolution, forgiveness, love and reconciliation. 


How do we learn?
Educating for wisdom, knowledge and skills


  • We maintain the highest expectations of achievement crafting bespoke, broad, balanced, vibrant curriculums ensuring deep learning which are unique to each school community.
  • We ensure our schools are learning communities where everyone is valued as an individual and where children and staff are enabled to achieve their very best. 
  • We enable confidence and delight in seeking wisdom and knowledge and develop passions and talents in all areas of life.
  •  We engender a love for education so that children enjoy attending school and are engaged in their learning. 
  • We aim to achieve excellence for all children so that they make good progress and are able to make informed choices, solve problems and make good decisions. 
  • We ensure that all children succeed and thrive by raising aspirations and tackling disadvantage.
  • We recognise the importance of measured outcomes and achieve this through academic studies and enrichment of children’s lives with experiences and values which enhance and prepare them for their futures. 
  • We develop positive working and learning attitudes built on a metacognitive approach inspiring in our staff and children the notion that we are lifelong learners who take pride in and celebrate their achievements taking ownership of their learning and careers.


How do we live?
Educating for community and living well together


  • We have a collaborative approach which maximises the potential of our Trust to develop all our staff and children through on-going learning and our belief that our children deserve the very best each and every day. Our shared focus improves education and raises achievement across all schools to the highest standards.  
  • We ensure our children will thrive and achieve as confident and caring people developing good citizenship in our local, national and global communities, valuing and respecting human dignity, diversity, engendering tolerance and challenging social injustice. 
  • We recruit and retain exceptional staff, offering collegiate, evidence based provision which has a significantly positive impact on children’s learning and we deploy and retain staff through Trust level opportunities, shared practice and the opportunity for flexible working. 
  • We engender collegiality with a core focus on relationships, listening to, sharing with and learning from each other. We nurture and empower teams which enhances expertise, shares best practice and enables the professional courage to explore possibilities.
  • We enable families to embrace opportunities across the Trust, helping to promote the best outcomes for all children.
  • We ensure that local communities have a future and can thrive with quality education at their heart.
  • We secure school environments and premises which are safe and well-maintained with facilities that are constantly improving.
  • We have shared infrastructure, operational systems and business platforms which makes the best use of resources and benefits from economies of scale.
  • We plan for sustainability and cultivate an awareness of environmental and global issues to secure the future of our world. 
  • We work together for the collective good of the Trust in the context of what is best for all.


Each school in our Academy Trust has its own identity and unique culture but shares the overall ethos and vision of ensuring our children and staff flourish and achieve.