Governance is made up of three layers: Members, Directors and LAG members.  Richard Crosse, St Mary's and The Howard share a LAG.  Anson has a separate LAG.

Membership of Trust Members and Directors Boards and Local Advisory Groups

Board of Members – Serving for a period of five years

Name Title Date appointed
Reverend Simon Davies Member 29.05.2015
Claire Shaw Member 28.09.2018
David Grewer Member 29.05.2015
Colin Hopkins Member 28.09.2018
Reverend Jeremy Brading Member 10.12.2021
Previous Members Date appointed Date resigned
Rev Ty Leyland 29.05.2015 31.08.2018
John Bowman 29.05.2015 03.10.2018

Board of Directors – Serving for a period of four years

Name Title Date appointed Date Reappointed
Heather Bowman Director (Chair) 29.05.2015 10.05.2019
Peter Halifax Director (Vice Chair) 29.05.2015 10.05.2019
Susan Cockayne Director 29.05.2015 10.05.2019
Melanie Havelock-Crozier Director 29.05.2015 10.05.2019
Caroline Humphries Director 29.05.2015 10.05.2019
Kevin Borg Director 19.11.2021  
Charles Bradshaw-Smith Director 05.07.2019 05.07.2019
Angela Burns Director 11.02.2022  
Charlene Gethin Director, CEO and Accounting Officer 01.09.2021  
Previous Directors Date Appointed Date Resigned  
Colin Hopkins 28.09.2018 10.05.2019  
Gareth Wood 29.05.2015 05.07.2019  
Julie Smith 01.01.2016 12.07.2021  

Local Advisory Groups – Serving for a period of three years

Name Title Date appointed Date Reappointed
Mrs Sue Cockayne Board of Directors, and LAG Chair 31.08.2016 05.07.2019
Anna Redpath The St. Mary’s Parent Member 01.01.2018  
Marie Havelock The St. Mary’s Community Member 31.08.2016 05.07.2019
Claire Clarke The St. Mary’s PTFA Member 31.08.2016 05.07.2019
Jon Wynn The St. Mary’s Head of School Member 31.08.2016 05.07.2019
Phil Bate The Howard Parent Member 31.08.2016 05.07.2019
Chris Billingham The Howard Community Member 31.08.2016 05.07.2019
Vacancy The Howard Friend’s Member    
Rachel Mills The Howard Head of School Member 26.02.2018 05.07.2019
Antony Allen The Richard Crosse Parent Member 31.08.2016 05.07.2019
Phil Burrow The Richard Crosse Parent Member 09.03.2020  
Gillian Pitchford The Richard Crosse Community Member 10.03.2021  
Marcella Henley The Richard Crosse PTA Member 31.08.2016 05.07.2019
Emma Bowring The Richard Crosse Head of School Member 01.09.2020  
Previous Members Date Appointed Date Resigned  
Jan Higgins 31.08.2016 18.06.2018  
Nicola Jarrett 31.08.2016 / Reappointed 05.07.2019 31.08.2020  
Claire Malcolm 31.08.2016 / Reappointed 05.07.2019 31.08.2021  
Neil Crawley 04.03.2019 12.11.2020  

Anson CE Local Governing Committee Structure 

Full Governing Committee — 7 members: Serving for a period of 4 years.


Name Title Date appointed Date Reappointed
Lisa Ellis  LAG Chair, Foundation Member & Ex-officio 01.04.2019  
Andy Broome Foundation Member 01.04.2019  
Emily Harris Foundation Member 01.04.2019  
Charlene Gethin TSSMAT Director Member 01.09.2021  
Nicola Jarrett Anson Staff Member 01.09.2020  
Anna Freeman Anson Parent Member 01.04.2019  
Laura Kinvig Anson Parent Member 01.04.2019  
Previous Members Date Appointed Date Resigned  
Edward Howard 01.04.2019 31.08.2020  
Paul Lovern 01.04.2019 31.08.2021  


Member Responsibilities

L. Ellis Safeguarding
L. Ellis RE/worship
E. Harris Curriculum, SEND, EYFS
L. Kinvig Finance, Pupil Premium, PE grant
A. Broome Premises/H&S
P. Lovern Pay & Performance Management

Sub- committee membership

Admissions and Complaints

L. Ellis, A. Broome, A. Freeman


P. Lovern, E. Harris, L. Kinvig

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