The St Mary's Local Governing Committee (LGC), was inaugurated in January 2023.  The committee oversees the strategic work of St Mary's and is directly responsible to The Staffordshire Schools Multi Academy Trust Board of Directors.

St Mary's LGC Minutes

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Certain responsibilities have been delegated to the LGC, which are reported to the Board of Directors on a regular basis.

​What the committee members can do:

The committee members are responsible for making sure the school is run so children are encouraged to achieve their full potential.

They are involved in:

  • Supporting the direction, policies and objectives of the school
  • Agreeing the school budget
  • Making sure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based
  • Challenging and supporting the Headteacher

What Committee Members can’t do:

The LGC is a group. Individual members have no powers except where the whole committee has given them a specific job to do.

The LGC make their decisions based on the advice of members that deal with specific issues, such as the school's curriculum, premises or finances. They don’t make decisions individually and they can’t go into schools and make demands of the Headteacher and staff.

To find out more about the LGC, ask any member of the governing team.


Committee Members

Full Governing Committee — 7 members: Serving for a period of 4 years.




Date appointed      

Date Reappointed

Ben Sykes

Parent Member 



Lucy Hastings


Kate Staples Member 30.01.23  
Anna Redpath      Parent Member 30.01.23  
Claire Smith Community Member 30.01.23  

Sarah Wood

Staff Member


Jon Wynn

Headteacher Member     

Tim Parr Parent Member  15.4.24  


Pen portraits

Mr Ben Sykes

My name’s Ben Sykes and I am a Parent Governor and chair of the governing board at St Mary’s. I live in Colton with my wife Vicky and our three children. Lucas is in Reception, Olive is in the nursery class and India will be joining the nursery class next year, so I’ll have at least one child at St Mary’s for the next 10 years. I work for Severn Trent as a mechanical design engineer and project manager.

Mrs Kate Staples

Hi my name is Kate and I am a Parent Governor at St Mary's. I focus on Safeguarding and am so proud to be able to support this wonderful school that is a great asset to our community. 

Mrs Lucy Hastings

I am excited to be appointed as a Parent Governor. I have a child in Class 1 and another one following along when he's old enough. I have worked in education for over 10 years; my current role is as Director of Teaching and Learning - Mathematics at Staffordshire University Academy.  I am a resident of Colton and looking forward to being able to contribute towards not only the school but also the local community. 

Mrs Anna Redpath

I am delighted to be a school governor for St Mary's Primary school. Both my sons have enjoyed wonderful primary school journeys at St Mary's. My youngest son moves to high school this summer but I will be remain active across TSSMAT to support other children to enjoy and flourish their primary school years whilst creating memories to treasure forever. As a governor I'm committed to securing and sustaining all that we have around us for generations to come.

Ms Sarah Wood

I am delighted to be our school representative on the Local Governing Committee. I am Forest school lead and Early Years teaching assistant at St Mary's. I am passsionate about outdoor learning and looking forward to help support our school in its next steps of devlopment. 

Mrs Claire Smith 

I am a Colton resident, teaching assistant at the school and both my daughters attended St Mary's. I am invested in the school and community and am looking forward to supporting with well-being, nurture and community involvement.