Members of the Trust


  • Appointment of the Board of Directors following advice, nomination and the fulfilment of any articles of government that might apply
  • To hold the Board of Directors to account on the following matters:
    • Standards, over time, in the schools that make up the Trust
    • Financial probity and confirming CEO salary
    • The effective and efficient discharge of the remaining functions and duties of the Board of Directors
  • The dismissal of a Director, or the Board of Directors, if circumstances are deemed to require it supported by reasoning and, if necessary, legal advice.
  • Initiating, and confirming, the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer when necessary

Scheme of Delegation

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[Recognising the need for the Church of England to hold the majority of seats]

  • Diocese of Lichfield Director of Education or an appointee (1)
    • This Member will serve by right of incumbency . In the case of an appointee then the Diocese will review this annually.
  • The senior clergy person in each of the parishes where a school is located (no substitutes allowed) 
    • These Members will serve by right of incumbency


  • 2 further Members acceptable to the Church of England (Diocese) and the Secretary of State, who will fulfil at least two of the following criteria:
    • Are sympathetic to the aims and objectives of a Christian foundation for the education of children
    • Have demonstrable links to a Christian denomination that is recognised by the UK Churches Together organisation
    • Have direct links with at least one of the communities served by the schools in the Trust
  • And fulfil at least one of the following criteria
    • Have, or have had, at least ten years experience in a senior role in the education of children aged between 5 to 11 or 11 to 19.
    • Have, or have had, at least ten years experience in business at a senior level. The business must be of a kind that the experience offered is of clear benefit to the running of the Trust.
  • And can demonstrate, by the provision of a CV and letter of application, why they should be appointed.
    • These Members will serve for a period of five years and if required this can be extended by a further three years but must not exceed eight years.

As TSSMAT grows it will strive to maintain a 4 to 2 ratio between clergy and non clergy and when this is judged to be impracticable it will be required to redefine its membership.

The Chair of the Members will be the Diocesan Director of Education by default, but any Member can become Chair if it is the majority will of the Members and will hold the post for no more than two years.

There is no remuneration for the role of Member.

Out of pocket expenses will be paid for matters defined by the Board of Directors and at rates also defined by the Board of Directors.

Members meet twice a year in June and December. Other meetings can be called by the Chair if circumstances require it or if a minimum of three Members so move.